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My name is Audra Dion, and I am a psychotherapist specializing in a holistic mind-body approach to therapy.

I offer a dynamic therapy that blends the techniques of traditional psychotherapy with evidence-based methods from yoga and somatic therapy. I strongly believe that treating the mind, without attending to the body is an obsolete notion.

The aim of this blended approach is to help you access your whole self in the healing process. As you embark on this inward journey, you will be introduced to research based techniques from the yoga and meditative traditions that have been shown to cultivate greater self- observation, awareness, and non-reactivity. These interventions move beyond relieving what is wrong in your life, to what you can do to produce optimal functioning and to thrive.

As you engage in this process you will learn to mindfully attune to your body, thoughts, and emotions in a self-compassionate and non-judgmental way, helping you to feel happier and more at ease in your life.

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Digestive Wellness

Have you recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Chrohn’s Disease, or Ulcerative Colitis? Has your physician told you that you need to adopt a new lifestyle of eating gluten-free or avoiding other foods that wreak havoc on your body? Are you feeling overwhelmed with figuring out how to navigate this new diagnosis? How will you socialize, manage your family, or your workplace?

Inward Journey Wellness was developed for you! I too have navigated this labyrinth of digestive disorder and had to completely overhaul my lifestyle.
No more eating on the go, going out to eat casually,and, in fact, no more mindless eating period. I had to critically analyze and think about everything that I put in to my mouth. Food is so integral to our lives that there are many losses and challenges involved in having a disease that requires strict adherence to a particular diet. I am here to assist you through that maze with resources, nutrition information*, and psychological support.

You can find my comprehensive resource library here: Links & Resources for Wellness

* I am not a dietitian; however I have compiled resources from nutrition experts that can assist you on your journey.Digetsive Wellness

Digestive Wellness Workshops

Holistic workshops for a healthy and happy you...

Living with Celiac 101

The Art of Conscious Eating Workshop & Krias for Digestion

Body Mapping & Gentle Flow Yoga Workshop

Dynamic Meditation Workshop


Links & Resources

These resources have been gathered to assist in your journey for wellness while living an active and enjoyable life. If you happen to know of other resources that you feel would benefit others seeking a better way to live a healthy and active lifestyle please email me at

It's all about a happy & healthy you...

TESTIMONIALSsuccess stories

  • I learned a lot about the principles of a good diet when I became Macrobiotic. But only by going through the process of becoming macro-neurotic and eventually macro-psychotic did I get my most valuable lesson on eating: I need to listen to my own body.

    Sudhir Jonathan Foust


  • Perfect dieters often discuss their way of thinking and eating in much the same way as religious fundamentalists air their doctrines. Instead of using food to celebrate life and share with others, food becomes a source of alienation.

    Marc David, Nutritionist


  • We all must travel the distance of a lifetime in this body. If we do not care for it, how can we reach our goals

    Swami Kripalu

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